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We are now excited to announce the opening of our online store.  We have partnered with Wholescripts and Xymogen to provide you with the best available Nutraceuticals and other prescription-grade vitamin supplements. 


Below you will find Dr Pihlgren's recommendations for

  • staying healthy and virus free

  • solutions for getting better if you are already ill


If there is room in your daily regimen to add only one new product, then I suggest either: 

  • #1: ActivEssentials w/ OncoPLEX & D3 if you are relatively healthy already and want to stay that way

  • #3: Immune Essentials if you are either prone to getting "whatever is going around" OR if you have increased contact with other people and therefore increased risk of exposure to a virus.

Immune Essentials is a standalone formula; however, I would highly recommend pairing it with Viragraphis for a better 1 - 2  punch to the invading offenders. 

                   Please NOTE: both Immune Essentials and Viragraphis are Short Term formulas.

Additionally, if you have ever been told that you need Anti-Oxident Support, 

you may be interested in an #1: ActivEssentials w/ OncoPLEX & D3  and #4: Nrf2 Activator combination.

If you are a person who easily catches what is going around or are in the "high-risk" category, then the first three products listed below (that would be #1: ActivEssentials w/ OncoPLEX & D3, #2: DioVasc and #3: Immune Essentials) would be a good catch-all support protocol.   

  On the other hand, if you are looking for the very best foundation possible to stay healthy,      then you want to combine all 5 products together. 

You will not be sorry should you decide to go all in!  




Find detailed descriptions of the individual products and

a link to the featured products with a 15% discount below:

   #1: ActivEssentials with OncoPLEX & D3

This Mulit-Vitamin provides a comprehensive nutritional foundation with a kick.  OncoPLEX is a broad spectrum antiviral and has been proven to protect against common toxins and harmful microbes.  

  #2: DioVasc

Widely researched and used for circulation disorders such as varicose veins, Diosmin has also been proven to be both antiviral and anti-inflammatory.  This product has the ability to both attack the virus and help support oxygen delivery via enhanced circulation of blood throughout the body.

  #3: Immune Essentials

Designed to be taken short-term, this formula is effective when employed at the first sign of immune challenge. 

  #4: Nrf2 Activator

This is a potent anti-inflammatory product with a special formula which keeps the immune system from overreacting.  This overreaction ends up causing self harm by creating what is called a "cytokine storm". 

  #5: Viragraphis

This is a combination of three herbs known to support Immune and Respiratory  function; however, they have also been proven to help increase Natural Killer cell activity in the body.  NK cells are part of the Immune System; their job is to identify other cells infected with virus DNA and eliminate them on the spot - no questions asked.  

As of late with all the anxiety and stress of society I have really dug into what is working best for people to feel calm.  Here is a list of a few products we have seen great success with.


  • Acti Mag Plus - 400mg of Magnesium in a powder that does not loosen the GI.  It was designed as a stress formula and used in Belgium for 5 years before we brought this product here.


  • Balanced B8 - Inositol powder used at the right therapeutic dose works wonderfully for calming people down. It takes a minimum of 5 grams (1.5 tsp) to have a positive effect.  


I like to mix the two products mentioned above for great results.


  • Li-Zyme Forte - free form low dose Lithium is a wonderful mood enhancer.

We are also proud to announce our partnership with Fullscript and Biotics allowing us to provide you even more access to higher quality supplements than can be found on the shelves of your local health food store.  

Below you will find suggestions for Mental Health support.  Anxiety and Depression of all kinds and severity are abundant this time of year in general and the pandemic with all of it's restrictions is not making anything easier.  For some people it is downright impossible to figure out how to get out from underneath the pressure, the demands and the weight we feel while in the throes of anxiety or depression.  

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