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11:00am – 5:00pm

11:00am – 5:00pm

11:00am – 5:00pm

11:00am – 5:00pm




Featured Therapies: 


Appointments available only via TeleHealth!!!

Clinical "Quick Intake" Homeopathy

We offer Clinical Homeopathy versus the more well-known Classical Homeopathy which takes hours the first time you go.  In our office we aim to treat what is bothering you currently and immediately manage the symptoms you are experiencing. 

Homeopathic intake sessions are

only 30-45 minutes long!

If you are completely new to homeopathy, a brief and over-generalized definition is:

             a potentiated dilution of medicine         made from animals, plants or minerals and prescribed on the basis of similitude - that is to say that a medicine that causes a certain set of symptoms when given in toxic doses can be used in dilution to treat the same set of symptoms when caused by something else; the medicine that best fits the symptom picture is the medicine chosen to treat the patient.  

     Example: patient has area of skin that is red, swollen and itchy (just like a bee sting but person has not been stung by a bee).  In this case the bee sting remedy (called Apis) would be used to treat the itchy red patch of skin even through it is not a hive nor the result of being stung.  

  • Quick Intake Homeopathy:

    • Straight forward triage

      • 30 min for $75​

    • More involved diagnosis

      • 45 min for $100

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy:

    • COVID related stress, anxiety and/or depression​

      • 45 min for $100​

  • Bloodwork Analysis​ w/o Intake (bloodwork must be received in advance)

    • Simple diagnosis and general supplement recommendation​

      • 30 min for $75​

    • Diagnosis w/specific protocol and Nutraceutical Rx​

      • 45 min for $100​

  • Full Medical Intake​

    • complete medical history​

    • for those who want to establish a medical history or who do not have current bloodwork to analyze

      • 1 Hour for $125​

      • 1.5 hours for $160

      • 2 hours for $200

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT teaches us first to become aware of underlying patterns of thought that may exist, then to question the validity of this pattern of thinking and finally to change the pattern of thought and therefore behaviour. 

CBT is a short-term, present-tense, goal-oriented psychotherapy which is directed toward solving current problems.  This type of therapy is used to identify and modify inaccurate or unhelpful thinking and behavior.  


By nature, CBT has a beginning, a middle and an end.  Depending on your underlying thoughts and emotions, you would be able to reach your goals in just a few short months.  Once you achieve your goals, you are done with therapy.  Of, course, in the future, you may want to set new goals to solve other problems.  

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