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We will be offering an online, self-paced course titled: The 6-Week Program for Making Healthy Food Choices

Keep checking back or sign up early and save $10 in addition to receiving updates about when the course will be released!!!

In this course, Dr. Lauren Pihlgren combines her training in Naturopathic Medicine with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to explore how and, more importantly, why we make our current food choices. Then, she goes further to examine reasons and ways we sabotage our diets, ourselves and our "good intentions".  

In our time together, we will explore CBT and the Cognitive Model, which teaches us that our perception is what triggers our behavior; we will talk about how to identify, evaluate and eventually re-shape our thinking regarding our relationship with food and how we make food choices; we will investigate how to avoid "hangry" situations and how to make better decisions when you do find yourself over hungry and seemingly out of options. 

This course is aimed at making sure that you are setting yourself up for success. 

Remember, this is not a D-I-E-T! This is not even a lifestyle change... this is a complete psychological makeover!
You will come away from this class with a better understanding of how your brain works, tools to identify "automatic thoughts" and skills to help transform your current tangle of unknown chaotic thoughts into ordered and rational patterns of choices and behaviors.  Dr. Lauren Pihlgren will teach you how to use tools along with various skills to help you start to make better, more informed and conscious decisions immediately.  

Register Early and save $10 off the introductory price!

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