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Aura PTL II Clinical Program

The testimonials are clear.

       The science is unmistakable.

                Light therapy works.


How does it work? And why? And is all light therapy the same?


These questions may seem simple on the surface, but they uncover many complex answers. There are many theories and known functions, yet there is still much research to be done.

Here’s what we do know:

Light therapy has been around for generations. Just sitting in the sunshine is a type of light therapy that can have beneficial effects! However, modern technology has taken the power of light therapy and created an entirely new way of encouraging the body’s natural healing capabilities.

In practical use, low level light therapy or low level laser therapy (LLLT), such as with the Aura PTL II, uses a very specific wavelength of light, derived from electronic sources that have very specific properties that allow us to manipulate very specific functions or reactions in the body.

There are many different forms of LLLT. In fact, some forms are not even lasers. Some LLLT use non-coherent forms of light derived from LED, or light-emitting diodes. Though all modern electronic lasers are LEDs, not all LEDs are lasers.

Laser therapy is not just therapy with lasers. Not all LLLT has the same therapeutic action on the human body. Some of the research may lead you to believe that the only major difference between the different lasers on the market is penetration and duration of the therapy. In reality, every different wavelength has different therapeutic effects on the body. Not only that, but some are really physiologic reactions dependent on the wavelength and power density being used.

No wonder there is so much confusion!

What is our goal using LLLT? What is the difference between true LLLT and natural energy medicine?

LLLT is the foundational component of Natural Energy Medicine. True LLLT is used to deliver or enhance the other forms of informational medicine that make up a full Natural Energy Medicine therapy system. Our goal in Natural Energy Medicine is to deliver and/or manage the body’s information. This includes all information from the programs and information that we were born with, for example, the shape of your nose and how the immune system is supposed to function. Managing the body’s information is also tied to how memories and emotions link to every piece of information our body gathers from our five senses.

When the body is functioning properly, it knows how to fix itself. It can repair damage, handle stress, and overcome disease and pretty much anything we throw at it. When the body is functioning properly, it can heal itself so much better than modern medicine can. In fact, our bodies can heal so much better than any other natural healing can do. Our bodies, quite simply, have innate healing capabilities that we are just beginning to understand.

Qi-5 Scan & Balance

The Qi-5 Scans& Balances the Body with Induction Laser Applications & Custom Imprinting
  • Advance Body Scanning with 8 Channel capability which means more accurate scan results

  • Neurological stress reduction therapy - to support the body to eliminate interferences

  • Provide effective, individualized analysis & reports

  • Computer based Customized programs and Imprint Remedy

  • Create comprehensive in-office and take-home wellness plans

  • No More Guessing - Talk to the body like never before

  • Automated pre-designed scans

  • Design your own Custom Scan

  • Integrated Harmonic Imprinter

  • Uses advanced Three Color Diode Low Level Induction Laser 

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