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Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Talk

Have you, a friend or family member had a heart attack, diabetes or stomach ulcers? We are hosting a complimentary patient education meeting where the stem cell supply company will be on hand to answer any and all questions.

Space is Limited

     Please call to reserve your spot!

Our Remodel Story

Renovating the office has been a time consuming labor of love. John & I have invested blood, sweat, & tears in our newest project and we are proud to unveil our brand new and improved upscale look.

We look forward to showing off the office at the Stem Cell Therapy Talk.

     Make your appointment or reserve          your spot today.

Focus on Aesthetic Medicine

Want to look as young as you feel?

Platelet Rich Plasma with or without stem cell therapy will help your body regenerate collagen giving your skin a fuller plumper look and feel. 

Our mission is to help you put your best face forward so that you are able to LOVE what you see in the mirror. 

Treatments Offered:

New Patient?

Non-Steroidal PRP Injections

Want to avoid steroids or are no longer able to receive steroid injections? Platelet rich plasma utilizes your own blood and the nutrients contained within the plasma to help injured joints heal more effectively, strengthen bone and muscle fiber structure or to plump up tired and wrinkled skin. The key to the fountain of youth can be found running through your own veins. 

Call today to start your journey back, to wellness and a better quality of life!

Flu Shot?

Call to see if you’re eligible 123-456-7890

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